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The big animals 2013-05-07

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The giraffes started to fight as giraffe males usually do when they fight over females. See the following figure. They fight by swinging their necks at each other. The sound they bashed each other could be heared in a long distance.


Some of the "big five" as Kajsa saw them
1. Buffalo

Tough and erratic. A solitary lion avoids these. They sometimes encircle what they see as a danger. Usually in flocks of 20 to 30 animals.

2. Elephants

At a walk the first day Kajsa saw a few elephants. When it Is hot they have to cool themselves even if it's just a little water, one at a time. In South Africa, the elephants are left alone. Elsewhere in as Cameroon they have experienced a veritable slaughter because of the ivory. On the farm where Kajsa did her volunteer work they had made a couple of artificial waterholes where water was available at different times, to avoid to much trampeling.
Elephants before the car. The animals here are entirely unafraid of cars. They seem to look at large cars as harmless animals that they do not need to care about. They react differently to people who are moving individually in the bush.
3. Rhinos
Rhinos were not as common here as elephants. Rhinos are in a more worse state than elephants. Last year between 400 and 500 rhinos were killed only in Kruger National Park. In the area where Kajsa were working they had rhinos guards, but despite of that it happens that they were killed.

All this volunteer trip was a great and educational experience for my students. It was not so much work and any work depicted. But learning!



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