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Goji berries 2013-02-06

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The taste was like raisins though a bit more bitter. The berries are also known as wolfberry in Swedish. Belongs to the family Solanaceae and it is also a relative of tomatoes. Discovered that there is a lot written about how amazing these berries are with its content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The berries grow in northern China and is used in particular Chinese medicine. See photos from a blog of culture of these berries. As big as a small fruit tree if allowed to grow more or less freely. I paid a kilo price of 270 SEK at the ICA, but if I buy a small package online from a health food, the price is about 400 SEK per kg. If you bay larger packages the price will be about 270 SEK same price as ICA.s little bag.


What are we to compare with in terms of our own berries? Blueberry perhaps? The question will last to another time.
Cultivation in China


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