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Role of top Consumer 2013-02-07

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In the ideal world, the top consumers/predators are an important role in keeping the balance of the ecosystem. If there are too many of any kind predators will peak consumption of them, so that this species does not crowd out other, thus maintaining the biodiversity.
But the ecosystem may also adapt to the predators consumers. If the top consumers are too many, they can at least locally eradicate certain animalspecies. On Svalbard reindeer seek shelter in between the buildings to get away and be protected from predators.
What will now happen to the implanted wild reindeer in Finland now that wolves have multiplied significantly? The inplanted wild reindeer are of forrest type and not the ordinary one.

"In Kainuu is the key issue predator policy. The wild forrest reideer numbers has a short time been reduced to about 800 individuals. The biggest reason for the decline is the large predators, wolves, bears and lynx., It's too much predator in the area and thus a threat to the world's last forest reindeer. Which we choose, the forest reindeer and wolf are the alternatives. Worldwide, there are over two thousand forest reindeer, although there are a few hundred thousand wolves. You'd think that the choice would not be difficult ........... ., there is not much time, it is now at the eleventh hour that we can save forest reindeer. " Says Lauri Kontro, a finnish journalist.

Professor Eirik Granqvist drew my attention to what happened, in the news that some locals in Perho have taken matters into their own hands and chased more wolves than they probably would be allowed to. According to media reports, 17 people were out hunting wolves. Three wolves were shot and six hunters are now under arrest. One of those who had hunted has also committed suicide because of all the attacks tells Granqvist. Granqvist is accusing authorities to safeguard the wolves  more than people in rural areas and Eirik was very upset about this. Eirik is a person who has taken a clear stand for the rural people against the wolves.

What made the people to take the law into their own hands? They could certainly have figured out in advance that they would have problems.  saying it had not received any information about wolf attacks earlier in this area.

This sounds very strange. No problem with the wolfs and still these people took the decision to hunt wolfs and one of them was senior in wildlife management and has now renounced all assignments. Why did they take this decision?

In the future we may hear more about what it was that led to this desperate wolf hunting.

From Ukraine come reports of problems with wolves that go into the villages.


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