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Amazonas 2013-02-01

Publicerad 2013-01-31 23:04:15 i Allmänt

Amazonas, like other tropical areas are much affected by this burning technique.

Not only flat areas are burned but also steep slopes and thus  soil erosion can accelerate.
On a Video a man in the Amazon is introduced who have found that it is possible to earn a living without burning the forest and he is about to teach others how to do this. This man is planting trees instead. Check the video that is available on this website:    

There's also an interview with the filmmaker. Persons like Reynaldo are needed. Indians who once were frequent in the Amazon had its way of farming which among other things included that they buried charcoal in the soil and thus got it fertile. Some Indians still do the same but if Reynaldo is doing like that we will not know.


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