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Sequoia trees 2013-01-21

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When the Europeans arrived, they were lyrical about how much timber there were in these trees. With diligence and patience they began to chop down these trees so that today there are only 25% left of the original stock. It took many people to cut down these trees. Swedish lumberman  was sought for in this work.

Source  Picture from 1901.

More pictures in this site

Still giants are felled in North America.

Sustainable development is to use the trees as a renewable resource, the people like Weyerhaeuser who cut down these giants say when they cut down these contemporary giant tree "a single tree will not last forever, but a forest can". So just go on to cut down these trees. 

In Sweden we grow forests and this is also true in other countries, but sometimes you should save unique trees not only for the environment but also because these giants are a showingthe greatness of the trees.

Besides when it's cold both in Europe and Nordmaerika and green investments make energy prices rise greatly wodd thieves make themselfs more known. This is happening right now in both the U.S. and Germany.



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