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The heat in Australia 2013-01-10

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According to many newspapers the new scale are of up to 54 degrees, but it does not mean as some newspapers write that it has been up to 54 degrees. I can´t find this map in Australia's weather service site.
This is how their map looks like. The map shows that there was substantial heat over large areas.

Then proceed to their tables of extreme heat, we also learn that it has been very warm in many places, over 48 degrees, phew! But now the temperature has dropped somewhat luckily.
But how has it been previously? Suspicions confirmed, Australia is a land of temperature extremes.



Sydney, January 4.  1903

The heat wave which set in early last week continues unabated in the country districts. Reports received from various points yesterday show that excessive heat is being experienced, the highest shade registration being 122 deg. at Mount Drysdale. The northern rivers are also suffering severely, and according to telegrams received the exceptional heat is causing great   damage to the maize crops and grass, which was started by the late rains. Kempsey registered 118 in the shade, Brushgrove 117, Baradine 120, Bingara 113, Brewarinna 119, Grafton 117, and Mudgee 112. Yesterday was the hottest day experienced at Bourke for many years, the shade register in the afternoon being 121.5 de- grees. Later on a cyclone passed over the town, when houses were unroofed and four or five were completely blown down. Others were more or less injured; trees were uprooted, and fences destroyed. Seve- ral persons had narrow escapes.Goodooga registered 123 degrees, which is the highest recorded. A few thunderstorms have been reported from the country, but.....


123 degrees F = 50.55 degrees C  This was already 1903.

Some links about Austalien temperature:

År 1923 -1924

År 1903

År 1896

Change F to C degrees.

On the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) website of Australia, we learn that in 1889 it was also hot weather perhaps up 53.3 degrees but the thermometer was not a recognized variety. So it was probably also the 1896  That´s why the temperature record of 50.7 degrees is from 2 jan 1960th

It was also hot in the past with less CO2





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