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How the climate has changed 2013-03-11

Publicerad 2013-03-11 09:55:02 i Allmänt
More warmer and earlier springs. Good isn´t it?

Iron Nights / frost nights in early June, has disappeared, at least in southern Sweden. Good isn´t it?
It was then in the old days people were guarding their ryefields, frost at night would come at the time of the rye bloom. Did it bloom when frost came there was no rye harvest and no rye bread. They lit fires at the small ryefields and they went along both sides of the fields and pulled with a rope so that the ears bent, that the  small sensitive ryeflowers would not freeze. Today, plant breeding also helped that we do nor need to go rye guarding.
Summers was not always warm, especially July. The average temperature in July, the last 30 years is about 2 degrees colder than in the 30 - 40 - and 50's in a great part of the country except in the mountainous area. Sad isn´t it? See my blog entry for 28 August.

Overall, the summer was a bit colder than normal. The month of July was, however, at the last 30-yearly averages. But if we add June and August so it was overall a bit colder. For the whole summer temperature average in map form, there is not any one on SMHI pages so we can not get a real good picture of how it was in the southern half of Sweden.

Autumn is characterized by later frost nights. Good is´nt it?

When talking about climate change the average temperature is really not a good measure. To tell if it is bad or not, one must know how the heat is distributed over time and the country.




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